Starting to argue, Colombia monitors the movement of the Venezuelan army

Starting to argue, Colombia monitors the movement of the Venezuelan army

Acts of provocation between Venezuela and Colombia began to smell the public. Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez assessed that a number of Venezuelan soldiers had crossed his territory, the Negro River without official permission. From that, Marquez began to monitor the movement of the soldiers as an act of provocation.
Shortly thereafter, the action sparked tensions between the two countries. Because the Venezuelan army is said to be the main actor for mass revolts at the border. Ironically, the two did not extend diplomatic relations after Maduro took over as the Venezuelan government.

Illegal Confrontation Action
Marquez considers that the confrontation has been going on since Tuesday (24/08/2021). However, his party does not really believe that the case originated from the Venezuelan army. However, upon further action, they proved that Venezuelan armed forces had repeatedly entered the Negro River border without permission.

Colombian Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramirez said several border guards were forced to board a boat owned by a citizen named El Guainiano. The reason is that they want to see clearly any racist actions that originate from the Venezuelan armed forces. In addition, they also want to ensure the protection and sovereignty of local residents.
After conducting reconnaissance, some of the guards returned home with the same crew. They said that there was no repression when conducting remote monitoring.

Evidence as a Shipping Offense
According to a Market Research Telecast report, the Colombian President has packaged authentic evidence that the Venezuelan army violated shipping and the right to free navigation. Because the army did not include evidence of a letter of assignment at the time of the voyage.

Marquez did not believe that they were really official Venezuelan soldiers. It could be that they are pirate soldiers on behalf of Venezuela as the main refuge.

Furthermore, it also assesses the existence of irregularities that have occurred since some time ago. This action is not much different from online gambling fans in a number of countries who want to enliven the betting market by all means. So they are willing to do things that are unexpected.

“We have noted that there have been provocations that have not yet been completed. It started with the dictatorial regime of Venezuela. We will also act fairly and decisively in order to protect the integrity of the country from various attacks. Not only that, we will also protect civilians,” said Marquez.

Venezuela denies accusations of confrontation
The report also added that Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Felix Plasencia, dismissed accusations that his party had conducted illegal confrontations. Because according to applicable laws, every soldier who runs state affairs, they must have official permission from both the country of origin to the country of destination. Placencia considers that Colombia is looking for ways to stage a conflict between countries. Because in fact, Venezuela has been freed from war to the cold war between each other. On the other hand, the Caracas side also pointed out that it is not easy to cross the border in Colombian territory even though it is the duty of the state. In diplomatic matters alone, Colombia barely allowed all crew members to pass easily. Even if there are problems that occur between countries, both parties can resolve them with a cool head. Because Venezuela is a country of peace. Meanwhile, Plasencia said that his party would coordinate first before crossing the Negro River. Because it prioritizes the peace of the country.