Big Frankfort Avenue

Big Frankfort Avenue David Sedaris Block Party To Crescent Hilss Park Tour By Business Association

There are several ways to be held on Frankfort Avenue. Call it Big Frankfort Avenue, David Sedaris Block Party to Crescent Hilss Park Tour. Even this weekend’s activities will be carried out in full. For Trolley Hop will be held on May 31 which includes various activities. Starting with The Wine Rack, 2632 Frankfort Ave will host wine sampling. Starting from 18.00 until 20.00. Then the next activity will be continued with The Irish Rover, 2319 Frankfort which will be held in a series of traditional music in Ireland. This activity will start at 8 pm local time in various bars.

The next activity, called Lexie’s Trading Post, 2224 Frankfort, will be held “Out with the old, in with the new: 2nd Annual Tent Sale”. Even at the event, they always offer price offers with discounts of up to 75 percent. Then there is The Comfy Cow which is located at 2221 Frankfort , will later host live music like Hippy Chic. And will be sung live by Janey Christine Band from 7 pm to 10 pm. Meanwhile, A Reader’s Corner Bookstore, located at 2044 Frankfort Avenue, will feature live music by Misha Feigin. Misha Feigin is one of the premier guitarists from Russia. And that too will host the book signing by Vicky Jter of the recently released book. Namely Call Me Victoria, Life Poems and Stories From Trial to Triumph. Then there is also Margaret’s Consignment, 2700 Frankfort which will perform live music and be led by Tanita Gaines.

The activity also allows people to sample wines from Elk Creek Vineyards. Followed by the Mellwood Art Center located at 1860 Mellwood Ave. The event will feature original artwork named Meredith Hayden. Then it will host live music led by Meredith Hayden. Even co-hosted live music by The Guards in the courtyard. While Varanese Restaurant is a place located at 2306 Frankfort. Even Varanese Restaurant also organizes live jazz to special FAT Friday drinks. Please note that this FAT Friday Trolley Hop will operate from 18.30 to 22.00.

Everyone is entitled to a free trolley from Cannons Lane to River Road. While most businesses will usually participate by hosting live music, special sales and drinks. FAT Friday Trolley Hop is an event that is always held every year on the last Friday of the month. This event also provides parking to free transportation to various shops, restaurants and galleries along the Frankfort corridor. Sometimes there are many hangout places that provide games such as slot online to give prizes in the form of coins to exchange free food and drinks. This program is a business support for each member to cover the cost of the free public trolley service provided. On Saturday alone the nineteenth Annual Crescent Hill Park Tour was held. This event takes place from 9 am to 5 pm. Tickets for the tour start at the Peterson-Dumesnil House at 301, S. Peterson Ave. This brunch will be served from 9 am to noon.